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Prioritizing Employee Financial Wellness

The PlanWellTM Series from Baystate Financial is here to help bolster your HR department and educate your employees, with onsite engagements delivered by our professionals at no cost to you or your team. Together with your existing benefit offerings, these sessions allow your employees to get objective information on all the factors that contribute to pursuing one’s financial goals. Additional engagements tackle subjects ranging from college financing to retirement planning.

How the PlanWellTM Series works for you and your employees:

  • A four-part core engagement series helps employees understand how to SAVE, INVEST, GROW, and PROTECT their wealth on the path to retirement.
  • Engagements are held at a time and location that works best for your team.
  • Every attendee receives takeaway resources for future reference.
  • Interested employees have the opportunity to meet with our financial professionals after the workshops for holistic advice and strategies for how to pursue their financial goals.
  • Engagements and consultations help to relieve employees’ stress from financial worries.
Take the Step



Gaining awareness and setting goals

Session 1 focuses on the first step of planning for a successful retirement: helping each employee understand their individual retirement goals and the factors that will impact those goals. We explore external factors and those that an individual can control, like taking a more informed approach to saving. Attendees move forward into the PlanWellTM Series with a better feel for how saving today will impact their options tomorrow.



Understanding how to put savings to work

This session covers how employees can take the saving principles and lessons from Session 1 and put them to work in pursuit of their retirement goals. From identifying levels of risk tolerance to exploring the investment vehicles available to attendees, we provide a clearer picture of how to grow a nest egg through investing.



Preparing for uncertainties through growth

Session 3 continues the PlanWellTM Series with a look at how to grow retirement income to better protect against the uncertainties of life after work. With the right strategies, employees can help to ensure that regardless of outside conditions, they keep improving the chances of a happy and successful retirement.



Protecting a fulfilled life and retirement

To close out the series, we explore how individuals can protect their ability to earn and save money. Even more importantly, we cover how they can protect themselves financially against the unexpected hardships that life can throw their way. Employees leave the series knowing how to build a more protected plan for their future.

* Source: Panic Attack: Worker Financial Stress Costs Employers $500 Billion Annually [ - March 8, 2019]