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Our Purpose

While we offer retirement planning, business services, estate and tax planning, education funding strategies, investment management, and insurance products, none of these are “what we do." At Baystate Financial, our purpose is to assist individuals, families, and businesses in achieving financial independence by serving as their true partner every step of the way.

Our Process

Plan - Charting a Course

Initial Meeting

Let's get to know each other. We'll dive into your goals, your worries, and your current approach to finances. 

Grow - Setting Sail & Navigating

data gathering

We'll put everything on paper—your current accounts, savings, debt, and any insurance plans.

Protect - Securing Your Destination

plan development

The fun starts here! We'll draft some next steps and recommendations for your review.

Plan - Charting a Course

plan presentation

We'll meet again to discuss our findings and recommended strategies, and ask for your feedback, questions, and thoughts.

Grow - Setting Sail & Navigating


It's time to put your plan into action. We're here to make it happen. Maybe it's contributing more to your 401(k), purchasing life insurance, or creating a new investment portfolio.

Protect - Securing Your Destination

monitoring & check-ins

We'll meet with you regularly to monitor how things are going. If something isn't working right, we'll get you back on track. If you have questions or thoughts, our ears are open.

Ready, Set, Plan

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